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“Paper is our business”, this Hamacher slogan is not just a lip service but a deep-rooted philosophy of the company. Düren, a traditional "paper town" and Hamacher Transporte, a specialist transporter of all kinds of paper based products - A long-standing partnership that has been extremely successful since many years.

Whether it is roll paper for the production of corrugated cardboard or coated fine paper for the high-tech industry, we have the necessary vehicle equipment, transshipment equipment, storage halls and the corresponding industry know-how. Paper is our business!
“Chemical goods are our business” - this statement can be found on our special equipment trailers or our thermo vehicles. Insulating, cooling, heating, there is hardly a customer request from the chemical industry that Hamacher transports could not meet.

Tens of thousands of cars or commercial vehicles traveling around the world radiate in paints delivered by Hamacher "just in time" and in the correct condition. In the chemical industry, safety is paramount. Therefore, special regulations and challenges apply to the logistics service providers to handle shipments of chemical products properly.

Specially trained personnel - ADR-licensed - a coordinated, company owned transport fleet as well as special storage zones, are the conditions for a perfect freight service in this industrial area.
Articles that are advertised today in the newspaper supplement must be available in the supermarket or discounter tomorrow, via a network of central and regional storage facilities.

Whether it's the booking of time frames, "just in time" delivery or traceability, this is all part of the daily business of Hamacher transports.
Complex plants for power generation, the production of printed circuit boards or components and the production of food packaging Hamacher Transporte contribute to all logistics fields related to modern industrial production. We store semi-finished and finished products and deliver "just in time", right into production operations.

Worldwide distribution across land, sea and air, is normal day-to-day business for us, as is the corresponding documentation and processing of customs formalities.