Sea, air, railway

We support our customers’ business by starting at an optimal level of freight requirements conception. The specialists for sea freight at Hamacher Transports handle all necessary formalities in addition to the proper loading of your goods.
Our cargo policy experts will provide optimal insurance coverage of your merchandise. Our priorities are quality, safety and timely delivery. Moreover, we offer project related cargo services, consignment and shipment consultancy, as well as global container transportation. 

Sea freight modes

• FCL – full container load
• LCL – consolidated container
• NCL – none container based goods

Sea freigth options

• Door to Door
• Port to Port
• Door to Port
• Port to Door
We are experts in the field of freight transportation. We accept gladly to plan and control your rail based transports.


• close ties to private and public railway companies
• high value proposition in service
• modern railway transport safety equipment
• trace & tracking
• customs handling
• handling of transshipment & alignment to other means of transportation
If your goods need to be transported particularly fast and worldwide, airfreight is the best mode of transportation. Our experienced employees ensure a smooth handling and optimal disposition of your airfreight.
Hamacher Transport offers you various options with different priorities, full and partial charter, as well as L / C-compliant documentation and groupings.
State-of-the-art information technology with NCTS - new computerized Transit System - enables the efficient, electronic ATL @ S customs clearance of your airfreight. Our specially trained airfreight personnel take care of the optimal design, proper loading, DGR handling and transport insurance of your cargo.

Air freight modes

• complete charter
• split charter
• collective traffic

Air freight options

• Door to Door
• Airport to Airport
• Door to Airport
• Airport to Door